Ark International School, Begusarai


The aim of the ARKIS Hostel is to equip the students with self-management traits besides providing good lodging and boarding facilities. 


1. The boarder must be a student of Ark International School and should have completed 6 years of age.
2. All boys of classes I to VI can seek admission to the Hostel. 
3. Application for admission into the residential facility should be made in the prescribed form enclosed with the prospectus.
4. Prospectus, Application form and fee details for admission into the residential facility can be collected from the office.


1. Importance is given to Health and Hygiene. Sumptuous, nutritious and balanced food is served to the students. Special menu is provided on off days. For detailed Menu, contact the Hostel Office.
2. Boarders enjoy the special benefit of being coached in all subjects after school hours. Extra coaching is arranged for below average students. Development of communication skills is given due importance. Therefore, spoken English and grammar are taught daily.
3. Students have a chance to get involved in a number of sports activities as provisions are made for indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Regular exercise, games and sports are an integral part of residential life making the boarders physically fit. Specially designed daily schedule will make the boarders get involved in a number of co-curricular activities and become experts in their chosen activities.


1. Parents should ensure that their ward(s) return to school on due dates after vacation/holidays.
2. Extension of vacation/holidays will not be allowed.
3. If a student is absent for fifteen working days continuously without proper sanction of leave his/her name will be struck of the rolls without intimation.
4. A boarder can be removed from the residential facility on the following grounds:
a) Removal from the parent school.
b) Irregular attendance and long absence without proper permission.
c) Habitual neglect of studies, improper behaviour, immoral conduct, disrespect towards teachers, misbehaviour with fellow students.
d) Stealing, willful damage of the property belonging to the other students, teachers or the school.
e) Use of any form of tobacco products, drugs and any other materials of intoxication.
f) Disobeying the campus rules and regulations.
5. Boarders are not allowed to bring and keep any eatables, medicines & valuable items. If found, those items will be confiscated and a fine of Rs. 250.00 will be charged from the concerned boarder.
6. Boarders are to speak in English always.
7. Boarders are not allowed to leave the campus without permission in advance.
8. Boarders are expected to have a high sense of responsibility in their studies.


1. To keep in touch with the hostel administrator and to cooperate to ensure the overall progress of the child.
2. Not to give or send money directly to the child.
3. Bring the child back to the hostel before 5 pm on the previous day of reopening after a vacation/holidays.
4. Not to take the child out of the campus without the permission of the hostel administrator. The School shall not be held responsible in anyway if the child moves out or taken out without the written permission from the hostel administrator.
5. To encourage their ward to continue the good practice the child has acquired from the hostel such as getting up early, regular studies, helping parents etc. while at home during the holidays.
6. Timings -
Hostel Office : 9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Sunday)
Visiting : 9 am to 5 pm (on Sundays)
Telephone calls : 9 am to 5 pm (on Sundays)
7. To fill in the details in the visitor’s register and wait for the child to arrive to meet you in the designated place.
8. Not to accompany children to the residential area/dormitory during visiting hours.
9. To educate the child on the policy regarding food items “waste not and want not”.


1. Cot and mattress
2. First-aid arrangement
3. Purified water
4. Doctor on call
5. Arrangement for tailor, cobbler, laundry and salon services
6. Security
7. Proper sanitation arrangements
8. Supervised study classes in the evening
9. Extra coaching for weak children
10. Library facility
11. Activity sessions
12. Time for games & sports
13. Modern teaching equipment for classes.