Ark International School, Begusarai

NIIT NGuru – IT Wizard Plus

NIIT NGuru – IT Wizard Plus has been specifically designed to address the modern day challenges in teaching Information Technology (IT) in schools.  The holistic solution brings to Ark International School all the key elements required by teachers and students for learning and managing IT. The product aims at revolutionizing the way IT is taught in schools. NIIT NGuru’s IT Wizard Plus takes a futuristic approach by integrating 21st century skills into the teaching methodology. The solution puts together a unique curriculum and methodology to ensure that the students not only learn for the exams but develop a habit of building their knowledge. The curriculum has been innovatively designed by integrating well thought-out and relevant tasks that students enjoy doing after school with IT tools and technologies.

IT Wizard PLUS

IT Wizard PLUS is based on PACE methodology designed to add pace to the teaching learning process and bring it at par with the dynamic IT industry. Backed by the latest trend in IT, the teaching learning material provided in the solution is especially designed on the well researched task-based model that maximizes learning for the students. The unique product works through state of the art cloud solution enabling ArkIS teachers or students to access the teaching learning material anywhere in the school.

The solution trains children with formative and summative assessments (FAs and SAs) by picking the questions as per ArkIS requirements. It takes care of all the structure, formatting and printing requirements of the question papers. It also has a feature of running quizzes in the class room that teacher can select from the pool of questions to prepare the students for practice.